Pig breeding in Honduras

Arrival Of The Piglets

In May 2021, three young men from the youth group in Los Puentes began a small-scale pig breeding enterprise.  With financial support from the Tigh Sgoile Trust, Henry Wilfredo, Santos Noel and Olvin Omar, purchased four piglets, three girls and one boy. Three of the piglets are sisters. They are the smaller ones. The boy who is darker in colour is from a different family and is slightly bigger because he is ten days older. The young men built the pig shelter themselves using local timber and fenced off a paddock for piggy games and recreation.  They are taking care of the piglets and making sure that they are fed and watered daily.  The pigs have also had regular check ups from a veterinary technician and been wormed. In the course of 2022, the pigs will become old enough to produce their own little piglets which will be sold and provide a valuable source of income for the young people and their families.

Piglets arriving in May 2021

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